The Virgin Islands Volleyball Federation (VIVF) is an incorporated, non-profit organization responsible for all volleyball activities that take place in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The organization is composed of a group of professionals eager to make a difference in our community by empowering the youth of the Virgin Islands with knowledge. The VIVF shall encourage the expansion of the playing of volleyball in all its forms, in all parts of the territory and promote the creation of National Associations. It promotes, coordinates, publicizes, regulates, organizes, supervises, controls, directs and governs the sport of volleyball throughout the territory.


The Virgin Islands Volleyball Federation, (VIVF), was founded in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, as a non-profit organization. The founding National Associations of the VIVF are the St. Croix Volleyball Association and the St. Thomas/St. John Volleyball Association. The VIVF has officially and legally been recognized as a National Federation by FIVB(1966), NORCECA(1966) and CAZOVA(1993).


The VIVF’s mission is to govern and manage at a territory level, all forms of volleyball (including beach volleyball and park volley). Through professional planning, organization, marketing and promotional activities, the VIVF aims to develop volleyball as a major media and entertainment sport in the Virgin Islands as a tool for the continuous development of the sport. 

To be the main organizational and legislative support of all affiliated National Associations, so that it results in significant technical advancements of the game in the territory, athlete’s performance, the professionalism of its coaches and the excellence of the organization of events. 

The VIVF shall encourage the expansion of the playing of volleyball in all its forms, in all parts of the territory and promote the creation of NAs. It shall promote coordinate, publicize, regulate, organize, supervise, control, direct and govern the sport of volleyball throughout the territory. In particular, and without restricting the extent of the general principles stated above.   
VIVF’s Structure

Representing all affiliated National Associations, the VIVF’s Congress is the supreme authority. Convened every two (2) years, the Congress elects the President and members of the Board every four (4) years. The Board of Administration is responsible for the overall management of the VIVF, overseeing the work of the National Associations and Commissions, as well as appointing Officials, including members of the Executive Committee.  The VIVF’s President is personally accountable to the Congress and the Board of Administration, and he is responsible for executing the decisions of the Board and Congress with help from Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee is composed of Board members and each member is charged with important and specific responsibilities.
The Secretary General is accountable for the ongoing management and administration of the VIVF, implementing Board and Congress decisions and ensuring that the Constitution, Regulations and the VIVF decisions are respected. National Associations are responsible for Volleyball on their respective island, while Commissions are established to support the VIVF’s actions in their mandated area and are accountable to the VIVF for the fulfillment of their duties in accordance with the Federation President’s decisions.  

The VIVF is seeking to share its success with sponsors and mass media.  The VIVF can offer access to a diversity of markets during the entire year, providing companies with the opportunity to associate their products with our athletes and Volleyball, by promoting the corporate message through millions of people.  To associate with the VIVF and Volleyball is a very positive and important step forward, for each company that wishes to broaden its horizons. 
The scope of marketing opportunities offered by the VIVF are extensive: major events, annual competitions, specially tailored events and development programs are some of the properties being offered. Sponsors according to their products, have the opportunity to access benefits ranging from simple advertising to “name in title” of an event.  The VIVF in conjunction with its sponsors can make history through the successful association of its athletes and the sponsor’s commercial products.  

Secure in  it´s Future
NORCECA is governed by its own Constitution and Regulations under the FIVB’S Constitution and Rules and Regulations, and operates from St. Croix, Virgin Islands. The VIVF is in a position to provide effective leadership to its affiliated National Associations, their athletes and coaches. The VIVF receives funding from the VIOC, and gains revenue from the commercialization of its events. 


VIVF´s Presidents have been:
Edward Smith Sr.
Peter L. Williams Sr.
Arnold Golden Sr.
Ophelia Williams-Jackson
Lucille R. Hobson (2004-Present)